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Elizabeth Sharp



Roots in Chapel Hill's Past,
a Stake in its Present,
& a Commitment to its Future.

Chapel Hill is unique among college towns. University and community life happen side by side - seamlessly, joyfully integrated.  Residents benefit from the youthful energy of student life; students benefit from the stable environment of a healthy, happy town. That's possible because of a delicate balance of businesses, services and spaces that meet the needs of both our long-term residents and the young people for whom Chapel Hill is a springboard to the rest of their lives. 

In order to not only preserve, but strengthen, that balance, it's imperative that our town government take actions and create policies that will sustain a Chapel Hill we can be proud of.  We must be clear-eyed about economic realities, honest about our goals, and innovative in our thinking.  We have the fiscal and intellectual resources in Chapel Hill to be a town that the rest of the country looks to as a model for how to solve municipal challenges.  With the patience and creativity to build solutions that will work for decades to come, we CAN reach our common goals.  

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Co-owner of two local independent restaurants


Mother of three CHCCS students


Generational Chapel Hill history


Ultimate personal investment in our town.


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Paula Gilland, The Purple Bowl
"Elizabeth understands nuance and she builds community!"

Renu Mathias
"Elizabeth is a proven advocate for the causes she supports and will represent the community of Chapel Hill with the best interests of all in mind."

Jennifer Halsey Evans
"Elizabeth’s thoughtful and pragmatic approach to problem solving is exactly what we need to improve Chapel Hill. She will tackle the challenges head on. We need Elizabeth’s leadership more than ever."

Yogin Patel
"Elizabeth represents the perfect balance of family, residential, and commercial interests. I couldn’t be happier to endorse her for City Council!"

Amrita Bohmick
"Elizabeth is smart and thoughtful  - she understands that the reasonable compromise to move things forward in a meaningful way is often found in the grey." 

Steve Fleck
"Elizabeth has shown that she has integrity, guts, intelligence and thoughtfulness. She is as strong a candidate for Council as I've encountered. I urge you to vote for her!"

Jill and Dick Blackburn

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Courtney Yarbrough
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